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Locking foot peg brackets for your Lifan KP mini 150. Designed to move your foot into a better position while also increasing the comfort and security of a round peg over stock. Our proprietary rear set locks prevent rotational forces allowing your foot pegs to come loose during use.

  • Direct bolt-on with factory fit.
  • Prevent Low Side and Pegs falling off.
  • 17 Optimal positions for the shortest and tallest possible riders.
  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum for great corrosion resistance.

(2) Foot Peg Brackets
(2) Foot Peg bracket locks
(2) Mounting Spacers

Additional Hardware required (not included):
(2) Folding Foot Pegs with 20mm side slots

M8 Hardware
(2) M8-1.25 bolt 30mm (Top Mount)
(2) M8-1.25 bolt 25mm long (Lower Mount)
(4) M8-1.25 bolt 20mm long (Pegs and Locks)
(2) M8-1.25 nut
(2 to 10) M8 washers


Note: Stainless Steel or grade 10.9 fasteners are required. Using the flanged button head hardware pictured will minimize the amount of washers needed as well as make it difficult to snag anything on the hardware.

Model Compatibility: Lifan KP Mini 150cc, 2017 to 2022.

Height 6.5″, Width 3.25″
Tested and Rated for over 300 pounds.

Safety testing has shown aftermarket foot pegs will fail from stress prior to flexing the foot peg brackets under it’s designed weight rating. If you bend or break a peg, it is recommended you inspect the brackets and replace if necessary.

It is possible to improve the safety of other foot peg bracket mounts. For instance, by way of drilling bolts for safety wire and other difficult and costly solutions. However, this product was designed and tested for its safety features first. Foot pegs should not rely solely on the chemical bond of an adhesive such as LOCTITE® to prevent rotational forces. The only safe way to counteract these forces correctly is by doing so mechanically.

Installation instructions

Please share photos of your installation on instagram by tagging @shapeandraise

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