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A secure storage option available for your Lifan KP mini 150. Form-fit and designed to be placed where the air-box was after upgrading your intake manifold.

  • Direct bolt-on.
  • Hidden behind factory side panels and under your locked seat.
  • Space to hold tools, emergency equipment, spare parts, electronics or anything you want.
  • Over2 liters (8.5 cups) of storage volume.
  • 3D printed out of PETG for high tensile impact resistance, great chemical and UV resistance

Additional Hardware required (not included):

M6-1 Hardware
(1) M6-1 bolt 15mm long
(1) M6-1 bolt 40mm long
(1) M6-1 nut
(3) M6 washers


Model Compatibility: Lifan KP Mini 150cc, 2017 to 2022.
Length  7.5″, Width 5.5″, Height 7.5″
Temperatures before warping: 200-230 °F
Not designed to be airtight or waterproof.

Because this product is 3D printed, you should consider it hand made where the finish may be slightly different than pictured. Orders that include 3D printed items typically require an additional 3-5 days of processing.


Warning! The glove box was designed to maximize usable volume while also balancing strength. The plastic will crack if you are forceful with it and it is most susceptible to this during installation. You should carefully position the glove box into place during installation. Installation should not require any force to fit correctly.

Remove the stock air box and any accessories that may be in the way towards the front of where the glove box will be placed. There will be one set of wires from the rear brake switch that will need to be positioned behind the glove box. The wires will sit within the round groove in the middle of the factory plastic panel.

When positioned correctly, the glove box should be slightly sloppy to account for tolerances in how the motorcycle was built. To prevent the glove box from being damaged it should be secured in place to mounting positions for the factory air box.

Starting with the right side, ensure the glove box is fully seated on the ledge of the plastic body panel and close to the motorcycles frame.

The lower right side mounting hole should be secured with a M6-1 bolt that is 15mm in length by using washers on each side and secured with LOCTITE® to ensure the hardware does not vibrate loose.

On the left side, carefully hold the glove box in place to ensure the glove box is close to the motorcycles frame. The upper left side mounting holeshould be secured with a M6-1 bolt that is 40mm in length by using washers on the outside and secured with LOCTITE® to ensure the hardware does not vibrate loose.


The glove box can be repaired with CA glue or super glue if it is damaged. A heat gun may be used to slightly mold the plastic if a custom installation is required.

Please share photos of your installation on instagram by tagging @shapeandraise

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