Lifan KP Mini 150 parts and Accessories

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I put together a list of parts and accessories that have worked great for my KP Mini. This is not a definitive guide but I will be adding more in time.

  1. Short Shifter
  2. Foot Pegs
  3. 18 Tooth Front Sprocket (filing required to fit.)
  4. 17 Tooth Front Sprocket (filing required to fit.) 
  5. 16 Tooth Front Sprocket (filing required to fit.)
  6. Mesh Riding Jacket
  7. Lightweight Gloves
  8. Wheel Balance Weights
  9. AGM Battery
  10. Drive Chain
  11. 30mm Carburetor
  12. Catch Can
  13. Catch Can Filters
  14. Digital Temp and RPM gauge with alert
  15. Angled Uni-Filter
  16. Uni Filter Cleaner/Oil
  17. Carbide Rotary Burs (for porting your intake with a rotary tool.)
  18. 20 weight Fork Oil
  19. 1/2″ Clutch Removal Socket
  20. Valve Spanner
  21. Exhaust (KPR version with o2 port for tuning also fits KP mini 150.) 
  22. Universal Levers
  23. Wireless Phone Charging Mount
  24. License Plate Illumination LEDs
  25. Bar end Turn Signals
  26. Spark Plug
  27. Locking Footpeg Brackets
  28. Glove Box